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Today Barcelona is not only one of the top tourist destinations in the world but a place for 420 cannabis tourism. Thus, you can come here to see its sightseeing attractions and find more about cannabis culture. There are about 200 cannabis clubs in Barcelona that are famous for their high-quality marijuana products. If you are planning to visit the city, then this article is a must-read. Belveda cannabis club is one of the best coffee shops in Barcelona. And below we outlined all the details about this private cannabis club, general rules, membership, and main weed laws.

Fast facts about marihuana in Barcelona

The very first thing to discuss is the laws and regulations about cannabis usage in Spain. It’s crucial to learn your rights and restrictions, as well as regulations beforehand to avoid problems with the law. Here is a short overlook of the main points of Spanish laws to bear in mind.


  • Sell and/or buy cannabis;
  • Store marijuana products;
  • Consume weed in open view (publicly accessible areas).


  • Join cannabis clubs and use weed within its walls;
  • Possess a small amount of cannabis (personal use only);
  • Cultivatу no more than 2 plants at your place;
  • Consume cannabis products privately (at your home without eyewitnesses).

Warning! Under no circumstances accept offers from street promoters in Barcelona to visit a "coffeeshop" or a "cannabis club" — it’s illegal. It is a matter of your safety because it’s really dangerous for your health and it can lead to problems with the police. There are specially designed places like legal smoking clubs with a strong reputation for getting some weed. Stay on the safe side and don't push your luck, choose legal cannabis clubs only.

Barcelona cannabis club rules and membership

Before we start to overlook Belveda, let’s define what cannabis clubs in Barcelona are and why they are called “social” to make it clear how they work and what rules you should mind.

What is a Cannabis Social Club?

Since it’s forbidden to buy and/or sell cannabis on the street there are such establishments as cannabis clubs. There not only citizens of Barcelona but visitors of the city can get and consume marijuana legally and safely. Such weed cafes are regulated and strictly controlled by the Spanish government. Thus, there you can “get” not “buy” marijuana. What’s more, inversely to coffee shops in Amsterdam, in Barcelona, it’s social clubs because these organizations are closed and member-only. Herewith, you can’t just enter it when passing by the cannabis club. Besides, there are no signs on the establishments – they are prohibited by the law.

Cannabis Club Membership

Though cannabis social clubs are closed organizations, it doesn’t mean that you can’t visit any. All you need to do is to get a membership. To join any club, you must meet the entry requirements:
  • You are to be of legal age (18-21+ years old);
  • You need to pay an annual membership fee (20-50 EUR);
  • You must identify yourself by demonstrating a valid ID card, driver’s license, passport, or any other document with your photo;
  • You are asked to provide a valid Spanish address (a hotel or temporary accommodation address work fine);
  • Referral or sponsor is a must. Due to the general rules, it’s obligatory to be recommended by a true member of the same cannabis social club.

Belveda Cannabis Club Details

Belveda is a small and comfy cannabis social club with a strong reputation. This club is located to the northwest of Barcelona’s city center — in El Guinardó, which is situated in the Horta-Guinardó district. Being a suburban area, it’s one of the most a quiet and family-friendly districts. For easy navigation, a weed map of Barcelona showing its location would be helpful.

The main advantages of the club are:

  • It is situated far away from the crowded places with thousands of tourists;
  • The yellow line (L4) metro station of Guinardó – Hospital de Sant Pau is in a few minutes walk only;
  • The Modernista masterpiece of The Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau is just in a few block from the club;
  • It has open-space large area with plenty of seating zones;
  • There are tables for visitors who want to read, play games, socialize, or work;
  • It offers TV, background music, a bar, and snacks;
  • Sometimes afternoons of cinema or documentaries are organized here.

After passing the authentication stage, the dispensary will be found with a lot of weed products in the assortment. Belveda cannabis club offers a wide variety of strains; cured marijuana; hashish; pre-rolled joints; products for vape pens; different smoking gadgets, and many more other products. The staff here is fully committed to expanding the cannabis culture, all the workers are friendly, attentive, and smiling.


Belveda is a members-only cannabis social club in Barcelona that is made in true tradition. This place suits those who look for a quiet place to chill and consume marijuana. In case you are looking for a respectable place to chill, then Belveda is one of the best choices.

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